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Bonjour à tous! Je suis Vanessa, étudiante de 20 ans en France pour le moment. Je viens de Pékin, mais j'étudie à la fac à Chicago.

Hello! My name is Vanessa, a 20-year-old student in France for the moment. I come from Beijing, but I go to college in Chicago.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Noël is in the air!

at the Printemps department store

Bonjour à tous!

I am so in love with Paris at this time of the year. The city is so charming with all her streets decked out in Christmas lights, fake snow, and stunning storefront windows. 

The decorations have been accumulating in random corners of the streets for a while, but the entirety of their beauty didn't hit me until last Saturday, when a friend of mine and I decided on a whim to take a stroll through the marché de Noël on Champs Elysées. 
ferris wheel of the Tuileries
When we emerged from the subway station Concorde onto the massive square, suddenly all around me the city was just overflowing with light. The moving traffic on the stone-paved streets, the ferris wheel of Tuileries behind me all glittery, the miles of lights that connect the square of Concorde all the way to the Arc of Triumph... Add to that jazzy music from a group of street musicians, an old man who somehow manages to make bubbles as big as three-year-olds, and the lighthearted bounce and splash of the grand fountains on the square. Trust me, I didn't know where to rest my eyes.
champs elysees 
Because of the insane crowds at the marché de Noël, I didn't get to take any good pictures. That, and also because every detail is so magical and picture-worthy that I simply didn't know where to start. Apart from the typical chocolaty foods and hot wine, my favorite part of the marché is the arts and crafts section. We saw the most incredible creations there: an entire store of miniature figures made out of all kinds of leaves, a jewelry store that sold necklaces and earrings made out of lacquered real orchid flowers, another store that made their own paper and prints... And all for pretty decent prices! Even if you don't end up buying anything, I assure you that you will have more than enough to feast your eyes.
huge bubbles
beautiful tree at Galeries Lafayette
With all that said, as the year of 2014 approaches its end, I hope you all are safe out there, and enjoying the lasts of this good year. Happy holidays and happy end of year.

Vanessa :]

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