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Bonjour à tous! Je suis Vanessa, étudiante de 20 ans en France pour le moment. Je viens de Pékin, mais j'étudie à la fac à Chicago.

Hello! My name is Vanessa, a 20-year-old student in France for the moment. I come from Beijing, but I go to college in Chicago.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A new beginning

spotted on my commute one morning
Bonjour à tous!

This is probably my last post here, since, as you probably already guessed from the title, the end is coming. The end of my life in France, the end of my internship. The beginning of my sophomore year in Chicago. The reunion with my boyfriend. 

So much to look forward to, yet so much I will miss as well.

I will miss the myriad art shows, poetry readings in Paris. I will miss the ornate desserts and their just as sophisticated names. I will miss the low drinking age (yes I am not going to lie), and weird themed bars such as this little jungle bar I went to where you drink in a bunch of tree hangings. I miss being in the same time zone with the friends I made here, as well as the most lovely host family ever. 

I look forward to being able to dress down whenever I feel like, and having 24-hour restaurant deliver (oh how America spoiled me). I look forward to being back on campus and being with all my old friends; I look forward to being only a few minutes' walk away from my boyfriend. I look forward to bottomless fries, too, even though I really shouldn't.

There is so much more, and I could write for hours. But I just want to say that my past six months in France have been quite a roller coaster: the highs were really high, and the lows were pretty low. It's been fun, it's been totally worth it.

A la prochain my friends!

Vanessa :]

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